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United Universal Testing Machines are known for their reliability and longevity. We often provide routine service to customers whose machines have been in daily use for more than 25 years. If you have an older United SMART Model computerized testing machine, you may want to consider a software and/or hardware upgrade to bring your machine up to current specifications. An upgrade is often a practical alternative to replacement of a machine which could provide many additional years of trouble-free service.

Field Services
United has field service engineers throughout the United States and Canada capable of providing accredited calibration services at your facility. Force calibration up to 1 million pounds can be performed at your facility. Repair services include, but are not limited to the items listed below.

Test Machine – Universal, Fatigue, Stress
Test Machine – Load frame alignment (ASTM E1012 and GE S-400-E)
Loadcell – Electronic, hydraulic; force gage. Tension/Compression/Torque
Strain Gage Extensometer or Compressometer
High Elongation Extensometer
Laser Extensometer
LVDT Coil Type and Mechanical Lever Type Deflectometer/Extensometer
Laminating Press (Pressure Only)
Oven Temperature Uniformity Survey
Probe Check for Cold Room, Hot Room, Freezer, Oven
Stress-Strain Recorder – mv input
Recorder, Controlller – non-mv input
mv temperature recorder, digital thermometer and temperature controller/indicator
Rockwell Hardness Tester (regular & superficial scales) – Direct & Indirect Methods
Micro-hardness Testers
Brinell Hardness Tester: Direct and Indirect Methods
Optical Comparator
Kneading Compactor – Soil & Asphalt
Expansion Pressure Device (R – Value Frame)
Balances: Electronic, Pan, Beam, Platform Scale
Impact Test Machine – Charpy, Izod
Stopwatch Timer
Dynamometer, Crane Scale
Cable Tensiometer
Torque Wrench
Proving Ring – Soil test
Weights – stress rupture
Torque Tester
Micrometer and Caliper Calibration
Pressure Measurement Devices
Humidity Measurement


Lab Service

Force Laboratory

United provides force calibration from 0 to 500,000 pounds in accordance with the requirements of ASTM E-74 and from 0 to 1,000,000 E-4 with IAS accreditation (Calibration Laboratory CL – 128).

Load Cells (high accuracy)

United load cells provide force calibration (in house) to 500,000 pounds with accuracy of 0.05% and to 1,000,000 pounds (on-site) with an accuracy of 0.25%

Force Calibration

United’s automated dead weight tester provides calibration to 5,000 pounds force in 5-pound steps with accuracy of one part in 250,000 or Class C weights.

Proving Rings

United proving rings provide force calibration to 400,000 pounds. Accuracy: 0.02% to 60,000 pounds, 0.05% to 400,000 pounds.


Are you paying too much for laboratory calibration? Contact us for a quotation. It is not unusual for customers to save as much as 40% from their current costs by selecting accredited calibration services from United.

Dependable Service

United prides itself on having one of the best force labs in the United States. Our temperature-controlled laboratory has qualified personnel and sufficient equipment to provide high-quality service and fast turnaround. If your load cell requires a special mounting adapter for laboratory calibration, we probably already have it. If not, our 20,000 square foot machine shop can make any adapter that is required.