Packaging Material Testing Equipment

In addition to a complete line of Universal Test Machines, United also has close relationships with other Industrial Physics divisions. Details on each division are listed below.


For manufacturers of flexible packaging, rigid packaging, corrugated and paper products, adhesives and related industries, we offer reliable measurement and testing instruments to rapidly analyze physical properties. This includes corrugated and paperboard systems; plastic films and laminates; foils; pulp, paper, and tissue; inks and coatings; nonwovens; labels and adhesives; and general plastics, rubbers and elastomers. Our instruments can measure more than 50 discrete properties based on international testing standards, including: coefficient of friction (COF), product thickness, gage and/or bulking properties; adhesion, release and tack; compression strength and crush resistance; tensile strength; impact resistance; internal bond strength; rub and wear resistance; and printability and print quality. On the web at

We provide analytical tools for the; food, beverage, electronics, healthcare and industrial markets in addition to their associated packaging material suppliers, required to measure all the critical parameters affecting product as well as package integrity and shelf life. Our comprehensive technology solutions range from instruments for testing and measuring gas permeation rates, package and product seal strength, package and product leak detection, gas head space and dissolved oxygen as well as gas measurement for industrial processes of all types. On teh web at

For food and beverage manufacturers and their suppliers, we provide gauges, testers, vision inspection systems and software to ensure finished product quality and packaging integrity. From seam inspection and metal can testing to inline inspection of empty and filled containers, our brands deliver unmatched innovation and ensure the highest quality for our customers. On teh web at

We offer instruments for testing and analyzing paint, coatings and general surface treatments used across industries ranging bridges and transportation infrastructure to marine, beverage and canning and automotive. Our comprehensive portfolio includes specialized corrosion and environmental test chambers that simulate how components will perform when exposed to natural weathering elements. We also offer an extensive range of paint testing technologies that include viscosity meters, automatic film applicators, scrub and scratch testers, gloss and color meters, thickness gauges and drying-time testers. On the web at