The Multi-Sample test system is ideal for testing thin metal, plastic, rubber and thin composite samples.  Key benefits of a Multi-Sample test system include;

Combine and consolidate multiple test stations into a single unit reducing ownership costs while increasing your productivity.
Each test system is a PC Controlled unit that is capable of testing up to six samples simultaneously. Data from each sample are recorded in real-time by United’s DATUM 5i software program and stored in an easily searchable and retreiveable Microsoft Access™ database.
The Multi-Sample test system is recommended for high-volume, repetitive testing of plastics, rubber, film, elastomers and thin metals. The angled frame configuration allows easy sample loading compared to a traditional vertical test frame. The system is available with a pneumatic gripping system, clamping extensometry devices, strain gauge load cells, sliding safety window and heavy-duty casters that allow for easy movement.