Electronics Testing Equipment

Perhaps no industry has grown faster over the past several decades than the Electronics Industry. Along with that growth has come the need to perform tensile, compression, and advanced materials testing on new state-of-the-art components and finished products. From the flexural strength of a circuit board to the amount of force required to activate a touch screen, United can provide our customers in the Electronics industry with a variety of affordable test solutions. Common test applications in the Electronics Industry include, but are not limited to;
Adhesive Testing
Button and Switch Actuation Forces
Circuit Boards
Compression Testing
Elastic Limit Testing
Elongation Testing
Keypad/Keyboard Actuation Forces
Lithium-ion battery components
Offset Yield
Peel Testing
Solder Strength
Strain Testing
Stress Testing
Tear Strength Testing
Tensile Testing
Tension and Compression Testing of Components in Environmental Chambers
Touch Screens
Ultimate Tensile Strength
Wire and Cable Crimp Strength
Yield Strength