Custom Test Solutions

Test frames, grips, and fixtures

United has been a provider of custom test solutions since our founding, over 50-years ago. When a standard test frame won't work for a particular application, either because the frame isn't tall enough or wide enough, United is able to re-design our frames to meet your specifications, or design a frame from scratch. This includes making test frames that are horizontally operated versus the industry standard vertically operated frame.

Custom applications don't always require the re-design of a test frame. Often, what needs to be designed are custom grips and fixtures required to hold a sample for testing. United's design engineers have year's of experience in designing and fabricating custom grips and fixtures for your unique application.

Multi-Station Model MS Series - Custom Solution Designed To Increase Productivity

Two words best describe the benefits afforded by United’s multi-station testing sytems: HIGH PRODUCTIVITY. Test up to six samples at once for the cost of about two stand-alone units.

Capacity: up to 5,000 lbf  (22 kN) per station.

Each test system is a computer-inclusive unit that is capable of testing up to six samples simultaneously. Data from each sample are recorded in real time by United’s data acquisition, reduction and machine control system. The multi-station testing system is recommended for high-volume repetitive testing of plastics, lapshear, film, elastomers and thin metals. The 60° angled frame configuration allows easy sample loading. The system is available with pneumatic gripping systems, clamping extensometry devices, strain gauge load cells and sample measuring devices.