Construction & Building Testing Equipment

Test Solutions For The Construction & Building Industry

Virtually all products in the Construction and Building industry undergo some type of tension or compression test at some point during their product development cycle, or as part of a routine quality check during the manufacturing process. United has worked with many companies from these industries and can offer complete test systems and equipment capable of meeting your specific needs. From a basic bend/flex test on wood products to measure flexural strength to more advanced materials testing on synthetic products, United can offer a variety of solutions. A few common applications that are typically performed on Building and Construction materials include;
Adhesives Strength Testing
Bend/Flex testing
Bolt Strength (Shear Strength)
Bond Strength Testing
Caulk & Glue Testing
Cement Testing
Compression testing
Elastic Testing
Elongation Testing
Foam Testing
Insulation Testing
Nail Pull Testing
Plastic Material
Plumbing & Pipe Fixtures
Roofing Materials
Rubber Material
Siding Materials
Strain Testing
Stress Testing
Tensile Testing
Ultimate Tensile Strength
Window Frames & Parts
Wood & Composite Material Testing