Composite Material Testing

Tension, compression and materials testing of composites involves a wide range of materials, test types, test standards, and fixtures. From reinforced concrete, synthetic wood, reinforced plastic, ceramic composites, to metal alloys, United has a wide selection of equipment and a properly trained sales staff to guide you in the right direction. United also has the capability to design and manufacture custom test systems when the need arises. United's Automatic Carbon Fiber Testing System is designed to automatically (without operator intervention) test up to 200 specimens of carbon fiber in one set-up. For easy record keeping and generating reports, specimen data is entered into the test software via barcode scanning and the diameter of each fiber specimen is measured by a laser diffraction measuring system – a truly custom test system! . Common test standards include, but are not limited to;

Virtually any composite material which requires tension or compression testing can be tested on a United universal test machine

Aggregate (composite)
Aluminum polymer composite
Basalt fiber
Carbon fiber reinforced polymers
Cement-bonded wood fiber
Ceramic matrix composites
Composite epoxy material
Composite honeycomb
Composite laminate
Continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic
Copper-clad steel
Cross-laminated timber
Dental composites
Engineered stone
Engineered wood
Epoxy granite
Fiber cement siding
Fiber-reinforced concrete
Fibre cement
Fibre-reinforced plastic
Glass fiber
Glass fiber reinforced concrete
Glass-filled polymer
Glued laminated timber
Hybrid wood
Laminate flooring
Laminate panels
Laminated veneer lumber
Long-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic
Medium-density fibreboard
Oriented strand board
Oriented structural straw board
Particle board
Pitch-based carbon fiber
Polymer matrix composite
Reinforced rubber
Reinforced thermoplastic pipe
Sandwich panels
Sandwich plate systems
Sandwich-structured composites
Short fiber reinforced blends
Short fiber thermoplastics
Structural insulated panel
Syntactic foam
Textile-reinforced concrete
Ultra-high-temperature ceramics
Wood veneer
Wood-plastic composits