Why United

Why United?

United has been in business for over 50 years with a depth of experience to bring cutting edge technology to the field of materials testing.

United has developed an extensive line of proven table top and floor model electro-mechanical machines, horizontal single and multi-station elastomer testing systems, fully automatic testing systems for both plastics and metal samples, fatigue-to-failure testers, hydraulic table top and floor model testing machines of up to 2,000 kN capacity and several hardness testing systems. United also offers custom made equipment for such diverse applications ranging from coefficient of friction fixtures and cup testers for sheet metal to textile burst testers.

All United electromechanical testing systems include capability for control of load rate, position rate, strain rate and cycling. This allows the machines to perform virtually any test method without requiring additional signal conditioners, accessories or options. Most other manufacturers provide basic load rate systems, and then offer strain rate, cycling or other test methods as options with added cost. With United, there are no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises.

United is the only UTM manufacturer that includes at no extra charge several basic test programs with the machine. These programs are easy to use and versatile. Tension, compression and even cycle tests can be performed with these programs.

United´s DATUM advanced material testing software includes 6 test methods selected by the customer from hundreds made available from United. These test methods are in compliance with ASTM, ISO or other applicable standards. In addition, special test methods can also be developed as required. Most competing manufacturers include only one test method with expensive charges for additional methods. Extra test methods from United are available at reasonable costs.

The United DATUM software includes SPC capability at no extra cost. Some manufacturers offer optional SPC, others may not even have it available and require third party sources.

The United DATUM software uses versatile Microsoft Jet® Database technology, providing ultimate flexibility for both database and spread sheet applications, as well as providing compatibility with other MS Office® applications. MS Office® software is included with the DATUM Developer Version. Other manufacturers may require the customer to install expensive third party software for further information processing or report generation.

United machines can be calibrated by any qualified calibration company. Some UTM manufacturers provide software that locks out all but their own service personnel. This takes away your prerogative to choose the calibration company that provides the best service, and ties you into potentially very expensive and slow service.

United also manufactures a complete line of hydraulic testing machines from 50 kN to 300 kN that provide low cost solutions for simple testing applications such as those in the fastener industry. Also available are higher capacity hydraulic testing machines up to 2,000 kN capacity.

At United, we understand that for a customer, purchasing a new testing machine is a capital investment which will pay dividends for many years. Our objective is to provide customers as much information as possible for them to make an informed decision.