1964: UNITED was established

1965: Introduced the Speedy Tester. The most competitively priced table top hydraulic tester in the western markets, which is still available today.

1968: Introduced the most efficient electro-mechanical testing machine of its time utilizing ball-screw mechanics.

1974: First UTM machine manufacturer to incorporate a dedicated computer as part of a testing system.

1980: Introduced a Fully Automatic System (FAS), capable of testing up to 65 samples without any operator involvement.

1980: Introduced “E Series” the only test system of its kind designed to test 6 samples simultaneously.

1984: The first PC based UTM was introduced.

1984: First Company to successfully produce and market a Rockwell Hardness Tester using load cell, solid-state electronics, instead of the traditional dead weight system.

1991: Developed an automatic carbon fiber testing system. The system included:

2000: Developed a computer controlled Fatigue to Failure (FTF-48) test system capable of dynamically testing up to 48 rubber specimens at one time.

2017: Relocated to a new state-of-the-art facility in Fullerton, CA.